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Study Questions By: Garrett Thomas 1. The primary criteria for determining the age of a skeleton are using the bones to determine how old the individual was. For example, changes in the long bone epiphysis through time can help determine age. The age of death can also be estimated by the eruption sequence and wear of the teeth, the fusion of the sutures between bones of the skull, and the fusion of the ends of the limb bones to the shaft. Tooth eruption and wear are the most reliable indicators 2. My opinion on cannibalism is that although it is considered taboo and looked down on by every culture, I think that there is too much evidence to say that it didn’t exist. I don’t think that it is possible that all of the evidence is wrong. 3. The kind of evidence that provides information on paleopathologies is the evidence on
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Unformatted text preview: skeletons or fragments. Some evidence can be found on bone fractures, arthritis, and periodontal disease. Other examples are cranial deformation or dental mutilation. 4. Ancient DNA works by using the nucleus of cells extracted from archaeological plant and animals. Archeologists can use human bone to find information on sex or genealogy of an individual. However a problem is that over time, DNA can become badly degraded by decay and it can be very hard to get genetic information from it. 5. Some information that can be found in mortuary analysis includes information about past societies and individuals. Some things used in mortuary analysis include grave goods and human taphonomy to learn new information about cultures and individuals....
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