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Comp Lit Frankenstein notes monster originates from a violation of a social norm Brunhil, Fafneir is monsterous because Fafneir kills father Chiron didn’t violate social norm, seems nice Cohen says 7 main reasons for monsters- The monsters body is a cultural body the monster polices the borders of the possible (a warning against explanation of domain) the monster stands at the threshold of becoming Vioation of the barrier of the living and the dead page 10, he says friendship is lacking in his life All males seem to be alter egos of each other uses her husband’s poem in book page 175 is the poem page 15 bottom----refers to monster as a demon(meaning genius?) page 21…the way victor describes himself, “natural philosophy genius that regulates my faith” this is the first time the word genius comes up. monster defined by birth what makes monster horrible is how victor responds to it after it is created…. .bad child parent relationship page 34…. . “how can I describe my emotions at this” “ I had endeavored to inform”
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Victor describes him as beautiful, but when animated, scares him. monster has an adult intellect, understands victor is important, and good even though victor paints him as bad, comes into world smiling, but victor rejects him, and does what he can to choose bad words about him, monster created good, but victor’s rejection makes him bad dark side of science, we see what it can do without
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Comp Lit Frankenstein notes - Comp Lit Frankenstein notes...

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