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Ex3practice - Name-= ID Physics 201 Exam 3 29 November 2007...

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± ± Name ----=------------- ID#-----'- _ Physics 201 Exam 3 29 November 2007 Problem Score 1 2 3 4 5 Total t/O Curve Work 4 of the 5 problems. Clearly indicate on this sheet which 4 problems you want graded. For each part of each problem, put your final answer in the blank provided. Use the space provided to show your work. Partial credit will be given for neat work that includes appropriate free-body diagrams and other important intermediate steps. Check your units .
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1) A "T-square", consisting of two identical strips of metal connected together, is to be hung by a hole P as shown. a. Where should the hole be placed in order for the T- square to hang right-side up so that it looks like a T? (Give the x coordinate and the range of y coordinates of the hole that satisfy this condition) L eQ W P. I L. .. x W L.. l- 2 -- --- - (. x= _ b. If the T-square is hung by the hole Q (located at the center of mass of the top part of the T-square), how much work is required to rotate it by 180°?
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