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Geology Notes Jan 22 - (Dense core-Oceanic and continental...

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Geology Notes 1/22/08 - Greeks showed the world is round - Typical land elevation 0-1 KM - Typical ocean depth 4-5 KM Uniformitarianism : -Principle that processes today are the same as in the geological past. Geologic record is product of uniform processes through time -describes on some processes that yield the geologic record (catastrophic events play a major role) Inside earth : - Crust 0-40 km - Mantle 40-2890 km - Liquid Iron inner core 2890-5150 km - Solid Iron outer core 5150-6370 km
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Unformatted text preview: (Dense core)-Oceanic and continental crust float over Mantle-sun drives earth’s external engine-solar energy is responsible for our climate and weather-Internal engine powered by trapped heat in it’s origin and radioactivity in it’s interior-Heat radiating from earth balances solar input and heat from interior-meteors move mass from the cosmos to earth The Geodynamo system involves interactions between outer and inner cores...
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