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Changing Presidential Nominations Process

Changing Presidential Nominations Process - Changing...

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Changing Presidential Nominations Process Who will be the delegates from each state that go to the national conventions and which candidates they will be supporting. The process is about securing the votes of the delegates but diff. in olden days(36 yrs ago) Old Style Conventions: Private, run by party heads Pre- 1952 Delegates chosen to go to nat. conventions Delegates were in debt to the ppl who voted for them in caucuses Heavily influenced by insiders Big convention at end of process was most imp. Secret and unknown how canidate was elected Multiple ballots bc had to get so many votes to be elected New Process: Called in 60’s for a more democractic way of choosing delegates, no more behind the scenes processing Generate no multiple ballots bc delegates of parties want to be unified when going into conv. Conv. Is NOT where canidate wins a victory, but is where a canidate is crowned 1971 McGovern Fraser Comission- a response to 1968 election calling for a regulation for open, dem. Or rep., and meeting had to be held in open, public
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