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Liberty and Equality Political Culture: a set of widely shared beliefs, values and norms concerning the relationship of citizens to their gov. and to one another in matters affecting public affairs. Pol. Culture and Alexis de Tocqueville: Toc. Wanted to know what makes democracy work and to bring these principles back to his homeland of France during the French Revolution Whether pol. Order could be maintained in a democracy These principles shared by citizens lead to pol. Stability in U.S. Ppl should be able to pursue their interests- religion, etc. This helped to check gov.’s power bc ppl created factions and such Libertarianism : Americans support concept of Liberty Principle-implementation Gap- ppl accept idea of principle, but find it more difficult to apply principle. This gap exsists bc unpopular groups exsist and target overcomes the principle
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Unformatted text preview: • Unfederate Liberty: ppl can’t do what they want all the time bc such interest tend to cross against other’s interests and freedoms. • Paradox of Tolerance: asks someone to tolerate another and their own freedoms, which can often place limitations or conflicts with our own freedoms. Egalitarianism Equality of Opportunity: • Americans strongly support • No one has advantage upon starting • Compatible with liberty Equality of Result: • Not supported by Americans • Wages should depend on one’s hardwork, instead of their econ. Needs • Incompatible with liberty • Wiping out consequences of liberty in econ. Ground Readings: Tocqueville, highton, lijphart, verba and orren...
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