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America Votes and Doesn�t Vote

America Votes and Doesn�t Vote - register Deadwood...

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America Votes and Doesn’t Vote Theories: Rational choice theory: ppl don’t believe that their votes have much to do with the outcome of the election, but this theory doesn’t work bc ppl still vote bc feel compelled to vote Minimize Regret Theory: Ppl vote bc don’t want to feel bad that canidate didn’t win, by them not voting Alienation Theory: Ppl that don’t believe in gov. and believe its corrupt, so they don’t vote Not reliable bc there are still ppl who don’t trust gov. but they still vote Social Physcological Theory: If you’re around ppl that vote, you will too Structural Theory: most valid theory listed. Registration doesn’t make it easy to vote. The ability to vote influences the decision to vote. Purging Rolls: removed from polls if haven’t voted in 2 yrs, causing a burden to re-
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Unformatted text preview: register Deadwood: inconvienant hours to vote Who Votes?: Monotonic relationship-every additional yr. of education, increases ones likelihood to vote. Age influence causes voting outcome to be curvilinear. Young ppl are smallest group of voters. Turnout in U.S.: • 26th amendment changed ppl’s voting bc able to vote at 18 • birth control dropped birthrate and ended baby boom • off year elections- occur in non-pres. Elections and pres. Party tends to loos seats in House of Reps and in Senate. Causes lower voter turnout. Compulsory Voting: Lifts voting rate by 7 pts. The way gov. is set up with high registration hurdle leads to lower voter turnout. Registration is harder in US bc belief of responsibility of individual to get on the polls....
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