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business concept 4 - diseases Customer and consumer value...

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Corey Hillebo Econ 331 2.11.08 Business Concept #4 (All Natural Bug Repellent) 1. The Technology The new product/technology is an all natural mosquito, tick, and fire ant repellent made from the American beautyberry. This is a more effective repellent than the other all natural repellents. The service and product envisioning. The business I am envisioning would be to get the license from the USDA and start producing and distributing the all natural insect repellent to stores around the United States. Customer and Market Segment. The customer base would mainly be in the United States of America where the market is strong with health conscious market. Americans are worried about their health, as they should be. A lot of today’s repellents are filled with DEET which is not good for you. The other natural repellents do not do a good job and could make people susceptible to west nile virus and other insect transfer
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Unformatted text preview: diseases. Customer and consumer value. This product will add value to the customer by giving them a healthier, more effective way to repel insects. It is a lotion rather than an aerosol so it is also better for the environment. This is a great replacement product for those that want to be safer to their bodies, safer to the environment, and be more protected than other all natural repellents. Distribution and transportation of the product. Once I produced the product I would distribute it to stores such as Wall Mart, Target, Outdoors Stores, and many more different stores around the country. I would advertise the product as a much healthier choice for their health and the environment along with being more effective than other all natural products. The distribution would be in semi van trailers for over the road distribution....
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business concept 4 - diseases Customer and consumer value...

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