amorality - amoral Moore’s feelings are also correct in...

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Corey Hillebo Engl 105 3/25/07 Amorality In Jerry Mander’s article called “Corporations as Machines,” he talks about eleven rules of the corporate world. Michael Moore made a documentary called “Roger and Me.” This documentary is the General Motors Corporation. The rule and issue at hand in the article and the documentary is amorality. Mander claims that corporations are amoral. This means they don’t care about how people feel, they are just in it for profit. In the documentary by Moore, portrays how he thinks GM ruins people’s lives by moving out of the city of Flint. He uses countless examples of evictions and how the town is getting run down. I think Mander is correct in saying corporations are
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Unformatted text preview: amoral. Moore’s feelings are also correct in my eyes, but I think he is a little biased because it is his home town. I think Mander’s rule and Moore’s depiction is very true and valid. Corporations may be amoral, but there was never a law written in the books about how corporations need to be moral. I don’t blame GM for what they did because they got in the business to make a profit and not to put a smile on someone’s face. I also believe Michael Moore over does himself because he is way too biased and opinioned. I can also say this because of his movie “Fahrenheit 911.” The guy is crazy. I think corporations should try to find a happy medium between profit and happiness....
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amorality - amoral Moore’s feelings are also correct in...

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