history83 - Political Ideology in the Pre-Revolutionary...

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Political Ideology in the Pre-Revolutionary Years 3/27/08 5:53 PM27/03/2008 16:59:00 The different arguments for revolution in the years leading up to the Declaration  of Independence Republicanism o Americans thought that Parliament had become corrupt Thought that the average citizen had to be vigilant in order to  stave off the corruption of some parliament members Biblical o Resistance does not equal sin Lockean/liberal ideology  o Natural rights of man o Government is created because the peoples’ best interests are at heart If the government violates the peoples rights, then they have the  right to revolt Legal/historical o Under the British constitution, the British people are entitled to revolt if  their rights are being violated Magna Carta and the Glorious Revolution Mobilization Great Britain needs money desperately o George Greenville proposes all these new forms of taxation of the  colonies that will help pay off the British debt The Sugar Act (1764)  – Lower tax so that smugglers would be  less inclined to avoid tax
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history83 - Political Ideology in the Pre-Revolutionary...

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