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Feminism movements in the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s dramatically changed the view of women today. Most women today would call themselves social feminists, but there are also radical and liberal feminists. My Aunt, Mary Wennen, considers herself to be a social feminist because she wants equal rights for all groups in society. Several years ago there was discrimination not only against women but also against lesbians and gays, disabled people, and people of different races. According to my aunt, demonstrations or acts of feminism happened during that period of time. Feminism during the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s was important so that people of all races and genders have equal rights and are treated fairly. Aunt Mary first considered herself to be a radical feminist. She wanted to end the traditional role of the woman being the housewife and the man being the bread maker. She wanted to enter the workforce after graduating from college. This took her a little bit longer to do since during the 70’s she became a “Free spirited women”. Being a second-class citizen to a man was not for her. Biology played a role in saying that men were smarter and stronger. This is what was by men to keep their “power” over women. That was the culture of the that period (Wennen). “If women had jobs with the same role as men, they did not deserve equal pay because 1) they were inferior and not cut out for working and 2) they were not breadwinners so
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feminism paper - Laura Simon Section 302 Oct. 10, 2007...

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