LAS 250- Prisoner of the Mountain

LAS 250- Prisoner of the Mountain - 1 Prisoner of the...

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Unformatted text preview: 1 Prisoner of the Mountains Professor Olga Mesropova Iowa State University Prisoner of the Mountains • 1996; shot in a small village of Rechi in Dagestan • Director: Sergei Bodrov • Nominated for 1997 Oscar (Best Foreign Film) • Nominated for 1997 Golden Globes (Best Foreign Film) • 1997 Audience Award at the Cannes Film Festival • 1996: Nika (Best Feature Film, Best Director, Best Actor) • 1997: Kinotavr (Best actor, Nest feature film) 2 3 Fast Facts • Population: Approximately 1 million • 7,720 square miles (about size of New Jersey) • Clan-type groups with influential elders • Capital: Grozny • Natural resources: Oil (and large oil refineries) • Current president: Kremlin-supported 31-year-old Ramzan Kadyrov Fast facts continued • Major languages: – Chechen: Caucasian language; indigenous to the area; not spoken anywhere else in the world; one of the oldest languages on earth – Russian: Slavic language • Major religions: – Islam • introduced in the 17 th cent. • Predominantly Sunni muslims (some Sufi brotherhoods) • aggressive revival in the 1990s – Christianity 4 Fast Facts • Status: Republic within Russian Federation – During the Soviet rule: Chechen-Inghush ASSR – 1991 splits into • the Republic of Ingushetia which wanted to remain part of Russia and • the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria which sought independence – As of 2006 no government has recognized their independence (except Taliban) Socio-economic problems in Chechnya • Chechens lag behind the rest of Russia in the quality of their society (incomplete process of modernization) • Prevalence of rural population • Deformed socio-professional sector (excess of service people, lack of industrial workers) • Lowest educational level • Highest unemployment (up to 40%)...
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LAS 250- Prisoner of the Mountain - 1 Prisoner of the...

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