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astro22 hw1 - Homework #1 Teddy Portney Astronomy 22...

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Homework #1 Teddy Portney Astronomy 22 September 15, 2007 I. Reading: 1. For week 1, we read the introduction to the textbook “An Introduction to the Sun and Stars” as well as chapters 1-3 in the online textbook at The latter of these two texts was very hard to read to begin with, as it attempted to give a size and a timescale of the universe to which we can more easily relate. This point was extremely overemphasized and made the text excruciatingly difficult to read. The textbook, however, was much easier to read and provided some valuable information alongside relevant and interesting photographs. Specifically, I did not know that you can see different images of the same point in space depending on what type of electromagnetic radiation is received by different telescopes. 2. For week 2, we read chapter 7 in the online textbook and chapter 4 in “Readings on Stellar Astrophysics” textbook. Most of the topics discussed in the Swihart textbook were things I had already studied; as we spent about a week in Chemistry 1 discussing Quantum Mechanics. The same goes for the online textbook, which dealt with the electromagnetic spectrum. The most valuable piece of information from the online book was the chart of exact cutoff values for wavelengths, energies, and frequencies of different colors of visible light. II. Descriptions and Explanations:
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astro22 hw1 - Homework #1 Teddy Portney Astronomy 22...

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