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Chem1_Lab Report 2 - Lab Report 2: Separation and Analysis...

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Lab Report 2: Separation and Analysis of a Ternary Mixture Chemistry 1 Teddy Portney June 5, 2007 Summer 1, 2007 1. Purpose: The purpose of this experiment was to separate three virtually physically identical solids, using different physical and chemical processes. 2. Experimental Methods: In this lab, we had to separate a ternary mixture consisting of table salt (NaCl), ammonium chloride (NH 4 Cl), and sand (SiO 2 ). First, we took a measured sample of this mixture with an unknown composition. We weighed 2.000 grams of this mixture and placed it into a clean crucible. The next step was to set up a Bunsen burner under the hood. We set up a holder above the flame of the burner and placed the crucible on the holder. The NH 4 Cl sublimated out of the crucible, leaving a mixture of NaCl and SiO 2 . We weighed this again, subtracting the remaining mass from the original mass to calculate the mass of the NH 4 Cl. We then added de-ionized water to the mixture, causing the NaCl to dissolve. We used a disposable pipet to transfer as much of the liquid as possible from the crucible into a beaker. Then, using a hot plate, we boiled off the excess liquid and weighed the crucible with the sand. We also took the beaker of salt water and evaporated out the excess water. Calculating the masses of each of the compounds included in the original mixture, and knowing the original mass, we can calculate the
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Chem1_Lab Report 2 - Lab Report 2: Separation and Analysis...

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