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Chem1_Lab Report 3 - Lab Report 3 Chemical Formulas...

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Lab Report 3: Chemical Formulas Chemistry 1 Teddy Portney June 5, 2007 Summer 1, 2007 1. Purpose: The purpose of this experiment was to determine the percentage composition and the empirical formula for an unknown copper chloride compound. 2. Experimental Methods: The procedure for this experiment was followed exactly as stated in the “Procedure” section of Tufts University’s Chemistry 01 Experiment #3 lab handout from Summer 2007. 3. Data and Observations: We weighed the empty crucible three times, and took an average, which came out to be 76.250 grams. The initial weight of the zinc metal was 4.038 grams. After the reaction took place, we scraped the copper off of the remaining zinc and weighed the zinc. This weight was 3.044 grams. After evaporating the zinc chloride solution from the crucible, we weighed the copper in the crucible three times, coming out with an average of 77.302 grams, which means when we subtract the average mass of the crucible from this answer, we get that the copper produced in this reaction weighed 1.052 grams. As soon as we placed the solid zinc into the copper chloride, the copper from the aqueous solution began clinging to the zinc. We used a wooden stick and scrupulously removed the copper from the zinc. After adding a few drops of hydrochloric acid, the
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This note was uploaded on 03/27/2008 for the course CHEM 01 taught by Professor Kryatov during the Summer '07 term at Tufts.

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Chem1_Lab Report 3 - Lab Report 3 Chemical Formulas...

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