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Chem1_Lab Report 7

Chem1_Lab Report 7 - Lab Report 7 Atomic Spectra and Atomic...

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Lab Report 7: Atomic Spectra and Atomic Structure Chemistry 1 Teddy Portney June 17, 2007 Summer 1, 2007 1. Purpose: The purpose of this experiment was to examine the photons emitted by different excited elements. Also, we examined different methods of exciting elements enough that they would produce photons. 2. Experimental Methods: The procedure was followed as described in the handout from Chemistry 1, Summer 2007 at Tufts University for experiment 7; Atomic Spectra and Atomic Structure. 3. Data and Observations: The instruments we used to measure the electromagnetic waves emitted by the excited elements were very imprecise, so much so that they were unitless. We had to create a calibration curve to convert the arbitrary units with value between 4 and 7 in these instruments into nanometers. This curve is shown below. After this calibration, we examined lamps using different excited-state elements. Below, a table containing data about which lamps created which wavelengths of photons is shown. The column
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