9-25 The Qin - Unification under China's First Emperor

9-25 The Qin - Unification under China's First Emperor - c)...

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25 September 2006 The Qin Dynasty: 221-206 B.C.E. 1) Rise and fall of the Qin/ Qin Political System a) Qin Shi huangdi b) Centralization of Power c) Li Si and Legalism in Practice d) Burning books/burying scholars e) Conscript labor/Mutual Responsibility System 2) Qin Accomplishments a) Unification—written language, weights-measures, currency b) Concentrated political powers in hands of a dynasty/emperor
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Unformatted text preview: c) Legal and Bureaucratic system d) Great Wall 3) The Qin History a) Controversy and interpretation—the Qin has been studied for 2,000 years! Much of what we know about Qin was written by Han dynasty historians—the victors. b) Foil for future dynasties—hey, at least we are not as bad as Qin! c) Process and importance of history for future dynasties....
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