9-27 The Han Dynasty

9-27 The Han Dynasty - v Some of the first to use Wheel...

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Greg Gallagher 27 September 2006 The Han Dynasty: Political System and Economics 1) The Rise of the Han—“Western” or “Former” Han (206 B.C.E -9 BCE) a) Challenges of Ruling the Expanding Empire b) Western Han Political Institutions and Personages: i) Liu Band ii) Emperor Wu (1) Cemented Confucianism as an ideology of society (a) Need to be well educated in Confucianism (2) Ruled for 54 years (3) Responsible for the expansion of the Han rule into Vietnam…etc. (a) Big fan of fighting (4) He thinks you must fight the barbarians to keep empire safe (5) Distrusts merchants (a) Heavy taxes (6) Was for Monopolies (a) So state could control the major things (i) Salt (ii) Iron (7) Families were taxed as a whole (a) He was ruling for the families/farmers (8) First to bring back the Confucian Scholars (a) Elevates them to a very important status c) Technological Developments i) Development of silk ii) Iron Plowing Technology (1) Able to grow more (a) Caused population growth iii) Developed the Compass iv) Masters of the Crossbow
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Unformatted text preview: v) Some of the first to use Wheel Barrow (1) Helped to marketize the economy d) Military Campaigns and Foreign Relations ( Xiong Nu , Tributary relations) i) Xiong Nu (1) Huge steppe tribe (2) Son rose to power with a group of super loyal followers that killed his dad ii) Try to get alliances with tribes by giving gifts (1) Able to do this because the economy is booming e) Economic Developments—dependence on the small farmer vs. rise of powerful families—distrust of merchants i) Monopolies or Laize Faire ii) Mistrust of Merchants (1) They were taxed heavily (2) Don’t trust what they’re going to do with the money they make 2) The Eastern Han (25-220 C.E.) and the decline of the Empire: a) Wang Mang b) Later, Eastern Han Economy: Small farmers lose out to the rising power of landlord elites c) Fall of the Han: The Power of rebellions as a force in Chinese History 3) Random Notes a) Easy to take control cause Qin lowered power of the nobles...
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9-27 The Han Dynasty - v Some of the first to use Wheel...

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