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10-11 Early to Mid Tang Dynasty

10-11 Early to Mid Tang Dynasty - Greg J Gallagher 11...

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Greg J. Gallagher 11 October 2006 Early to Mid Tang Dynasty (618-765) (series of capable leaders) 1) Taizong Emperor (626-649) a) Li Yuan i) A general of the Wui, from the same aristocratic background as Sui leader ii) Becomes first Tang Emperor Gaozu (618-626) b) Taizong i) Son of Gaozu ii) Brings power back to emperorship iii) Careful Administrator iv) Develops active foreign affairs v) Devote Daoist vi) Pushed borders out towards the silk road (1) Wanted to secure this so the trade flow continued to come to the capital vii)Not a big fan of Buddhism (1) Wary of Buddhist monasteries (2) He knew Buddhism was there to stay so he didn’t go on the offensive against them right away (3) At 637 he said Daoist priests have more influence than Buddhist priests at state events (4) At 637 he said Buddhism was a foreign religion full of trickery and it can’t compare to our national religion of Daoism c) They are very conscious of what came before them i) Go back to the Han ii) Like Confucianism d) Had complex legal system i) Strict legal code (Ebrey Reader #26) ii)
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