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Compare and contrast two change theories, and determine which theory makes the most sensefor implementing your specific EBP project. Why? Has your mentor used either theory and towhat result?One change theory is Lewin's 3 stage change model that includes, unfreezing, moving andrefreezing.Saying that unfreezing is when you recognize change is needed, moving is when achange occurs, refreezing is when equilibrium is established, and you're satisfied with theresults.The cycle may eventually repeat itself.Another theory is the Lippets seven phase theory. Starting with phase one diagnosing theproblem, assess motivation and capacity for change, evaluate change agent's motivation andresources, choose the appropriate role of the change agent, maintain difference, terminate thehelping relationship.Lippet's seven-phase theory may be more comparable to the nursing process, there's not asignificant difference between them, but with Lewin's there are three fundamental steps. Quiteoften nursing is much more complicated than three levels. Looking back through situations as acritical care nurse, some conditions not so involved, but most were complex on multiple levels.These patients are in critical condition therefor so are the problems that need addressing. Threesteps seem like it would be easy just to get stuck in the Moving phase.My mentor has tried hard to instill change on the site, but it's challenging if you're middlemanagement. You have to have a committee to make the difference. Quite often you have to bethe tough guy and hold people accountable for their actions. Holding co-workers responsible fortheir actions is difficult when your peers take it personally and don't respond as trainedprofessionals.ReferencesMitchell, G. (2013) Selecting the best theory to implement planned change. Retrieved from-2fc1-450c-a7cd-2a9fd2199e02%40sessionmgr4replydq1 week 4Madeleine, the most difficult thing about working in critical access hospitals isn't the staffing somuch as the supplies! I started carrying little things I could do to help my patients. An example
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