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Greg J. Gallagher 18 October 2006 Rice is aiding the population boom o Have a long growing season o Most yield per acreage o Had a surplus of rice and grain Allowed people to supply for something and not just for themselves Developed Markets o People didn’t just have to supply for themselves anymore o Long waterways allow people to transport their goods Strong Emphasis on Shipping o Bigger ships o Developed trade routes with SE Asia and India o Waterproof ships o Developed a small compass so you can navigate on the oceans
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Unformatted text preview: • Rise in Guilds o Setting up of partnerships to better control market for their products Decide on prices Etc • More Travel o People would leave but try to seek out people from their native place • People started using wealth to Exploit o Land could be bought Then they move to the city and leave the farming to tenants o Makes a big gap between wealthy and poor • Confucianism o...
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