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10-25 The Mongol Yuan Dynasty

10-25 The Mongol Yuan Dynasty - Chinese ii Sets up that 50...

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Greg J. Gallagher 25 October 2006 The Mongol Yuan Dynasty (1215-1368) 1) Early Mongol Conquest a) Issues i) Mongols are a mobile people—how do they come to settle down and rule as Chinese Emperors b) Mongols employ non-Chinese in key positions, advising them on the day to day affairs of ruling c) Yelu Chucai (1189-1243) i) Involved in influencing Mongol leaders (1) Printed money 2) Khubilai’s Reign (1260-1294) the Takeover of the Song a) Founds the Yuan Dynasty i) Wanted to rule as a Chinese person (balance of Mongol and Chinese style of rule) (1) So they wouldn’t overthrow him because he was outnumbered by the
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Unformatted text preview: Chinese ii) Sets up that 50 families form a unit (1) 1 person is appointed the head of it (a) This person sets up local economy…etc. (2) Mandates that they need to build schools iii) Established Post Office (1) Builds roads and postal stations b) Was Open to Confucianism c) Was Great Supporter of Buddhism d) Changes the old Confucian social order i) Elevation in status of Merchants and Craftsmen e) System of racial classification i) Mongols at the top ii) Southern Chinese—Song—at the bottom 3) The Yuan Government 4) The Yuan Dynasty: Life Under Mongol Rule...
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