10-30--11-1 The Ming Dynasty

10-30--11-1 The Ming Dynasty - Greg J Gallagher 30 October...

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Greg J. Gallagher 30 October 2006-6 November 2006 The Ming Dynasty 1369-1644 1) Downfall of the Yuan a) If Mongols so powerful, why does the Yuan fall so quickly i) Tibetan Power/Mongol treatment of Chinese ii) Economic destruction/inflation (1) Widening gap between north and south in economy iii) Natural disasters 2) The Rise of the Ming a) Regional Rebellions b) White Lotus Society—Red Turbans c) Maitreya Buddha—Future Buddha d) Zhu Yuanzhang—Taizu/Hongwu Emperor e) 1368—Founds the Ming (Bright) Dynasty f) Literature spreads i) No longer just printing Confucian classics ii) Published lots of porn iii) Used to make money so they would print anything that people would want to buy (1) Lots of porn 3) Early Ming Policies a) Shift from Trade economy to Agrarian Economy i) Distrusted merchants ii) Focused on agricultural re-development b) New Legal Code c) Massive Military d) Authoritarian Centralization of Power
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e) Imperial Examination System i) Shengyuan : (1) County Level Degree (a) Exemption from labor service (b) Allows you to sit for provincial exam ii) Juren : (1) When you pass the Provincial Exam (a) You become a Juren, which makes you eligible for low level bureaucratic jobs, and you can try for the high level exam iii) Jinshi : (1) Pass this imperial exam and you can be appointed as a regular official in the bureaucracy iv) Content (1) Held at county, province, and capital (2) Based on Confucian classics as interpreted by Zhu Xi (3) Essay exams in a rigid, formalized style known as the “Eight-legged” essay format (a) Similar to 5 paragraph essay format f) Foreign Relations i) Tribute Relations (1) Ming at the center of an increasingly complex trading system ii) Mongol Threat (1) Rebuilding of the Great wall
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10-30--11-1 The Ming Dynasty - Greg J Gallagher 30 October...

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