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11-10 The Ming-Qing Transition

11-10 The Ming-Qing Transition - dealing with increasing...

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Greg J. Gallagher 10 November 2006 China in the World/Ming-Qing Transition China and the World (containing barbarians) o The Great Wall Used for containment of barbarians Was a symbolic o The Willow Palisade o Foreign Relations The Tribute Systems Effective for dealing with neighbors who have long history of cultural contact with China What about Europe? Qing attempts to fit Europe into this scheme Ultimately Qing will have to forge different precedents for
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Unformatted text preview: dealing with increasing European threats—Canton system • European Views of China o Material Culture Objects and culture o Orientalism • The Ming/Qing Transition o Li Zicheng o Ming Loyalists o The Manchus • Confucian Attack on Christianity o Yang Guangxian (1597-1669) Christianity immoral based on Confucian concepts of morality and order Compared to anti-authority sects in Chinese Tradition...
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