11-13 The Manchus and the Founding of the Qing

11-13 The Manchus and the Founding of the Qing - Nurhaci...

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Greg J. Gallagher 13 November 2006 The Manchus and the Founding of the Qing The Rise of the Manchus o Nurhaci: 1559-1626 Manchu Banners—Military and Social Organization Unique to Manchus Groups of people set up that enjoy a privileged status; they are people that are Chinese or Mongol or are part of the military Men had to have long hair Manchu women don’t bound their feet o Hong Taiji (1626-1643) Continues to lay foundation for taking over China (took off where
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Unformatted text preview: Nurhaci left off) Coined the term Manchu The Queue: Manchu cultural enforcement • The Ming Loyalists • The Nature of Manchu Rule o The Manchu Emperor o Manchu social and political organization o Manchu-Han Relations • Kangxi’s Consolidation o (ruled from 1661-1722) o War of the Three Feudatories o Territorial Expansion: Mongolia and Tibet o He went out and destroyed anything that was Ming...
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