Lecture 9 (2-19-08) - 19 February 2008 Background of...

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19 February 2008 Background of Corporate Geography o Grounded approach to examining the firm o Embedded firms-or- the “firm-territory nexus” Inextricable link between firm and place o Questions the “footloose firm” or corporate hyper-globalism When you have a specialized labor force you have to rely upon the area where that labor exists o Dismantling the corporate black box that reacts rationally to economic signals-fuzzy edges Emotions and social commitments can cause irrational decision Key Terms o Embeddedness o Firm-territory Nexus o Footloose firm Boeing History o Founded 1916, Seattle o WWI/WWII, military, government contracts were key to early success o Commercial air travel and the golden age of commercial jetliners (1956-1968) o Technological advances become increasingly important as airplanes become more advanced Labor needs change Labor pool changes Boom and Bust in Puget Sound o between 1939 and 1944 Puget sound employment at Boeing rose from 7,500 to 50,000 o By 1947, regional employment was back to 9,000 o 1967 regional employment 100,000; dropped to 40,000 by 1971 o 1971 Seattle unemployment was 17% Change and Crisis in the 1990s o Increasingly outsourcing parts manufacturing (industrial offset agreements)
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Lecture 9 (2-19-08) - 19 February 2008 Background of...

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