Lecture 10 (2-21-08)

Lecture 10 (2-21-08) - 21 February 2008 Social and Cultural...

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21 February 2008 Social and Cultural Geographies What is Culture? o There are clearly enormous differences in ways of life between different places around the world o Bangladesh Woman do all the cooking Men do all the shopping They have rice and curry for every meal otherwise they don’t feel like they have eaten Chaos in the street All their prime ministers in 15 years of democracy have been women Religious practices are very public events Defining Culture o It is complicated o Definitions: Some people say “it’s the total way of life of people Encompassing: language, dress, food, habits, music, housing styles, religion, family, structure, and most importantly values HOW TO DEFINE A PEOPLE, where to set boundaries As Indicative of certain things (works of art, music, the things in museums and tv) Textbook: “Shared set of meanings that are lived through the material and symbolic practices of everyday life” “Cultures are sets of beliefs or values that give meaning to ways of life and produce (and are reproduced through) material and symbolic forms” Shared Sets of Meanings: values, beliefs, practices, ideas about religions, language, family, gender, sexuality Created and maintained in particular places at various scales Dynamic and contested process It is always changing o
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Lecture 10 (2-21-08) - 21 February 2008 Social and Cultural...

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