Lecture 11 and 12 (2-2628-08) - 26 February 2008 and 28...

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26 February 2008 and 28 February 2008 Social and Cultural Geographies 2 and 3 Cultural Geography o Geographers study the way culture is constructed, contested…. o There is no such thing as culture Culture is dynamically changing process Particular events reconfigure narratives about culture and create symbolic meaning “Culture” and place are frequently used as instruments of power, to define who belongs where This naturalizes belonging, the politics of inclusion and exclusion, and the practices of othering o “Midwestern” Culture Writing Activity 1.) Is there a Distinctive “upper Midwest” culture? o What are its characteristics? Funny characteristics Hunting/fishing culture Prairie Home Companion “Minnesota Nice” Beer Lake Culture (camping, state parks….) Winter (enduring) Agriculture/Farming Hospitality/Friendly Hockey Snowmobiling Dairy Industry “Bubbler”, “Pop” Don’t follow fashion trends Northern European Heritage Heartland of America o What are its shared sets of meanings? o Where is it? o Globalization and Cultural Geographies Increase in ethno-nationalist movements with globalization Goal of protecting and promoting ethno-cultural practices and regions Nationalist visions of culture and homeland as unchanging/unchangeable things in the world Members abroad use global communications and transportation networks to keep in touch with home Kosovo Example Culture Resistance in Core : France and the French language, limiting American loan words and American programming (film, TV, radio) In Periphery : little to suggest cultural homogenization rising number of ethno-territorial conflicts rising number of languages standardized in written form (even though English is becoming increasingly dominant globally)
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Lecture 11 and 12 (2-2628-08) - 26 February 2008 and 28...

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