Lecture 13 (3-4-08)

Lecture 13 (3-4-08) - (homeland) o Sovereign State :...

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4 March 2008 Political Geography and Geopolitics Political Geography : the study of the spatial organization of political systems o Focus: Power, place and identity o Key Concepts: Sovereign states, nations, nationalism, territoriality, homelands, boundaries borders o Geopolitics : the study of the role space plays in international relations Traditional Geopolitics Critical Geopolitics o Profound changes in thinking about the relationship between power, place, and identity in contemporary political geography o Control over space crucial to defining group identities National movements: we can only be ourselves/practice our culture in our own homeland o Nation : a group of individuals who believe they share common elements of culture, such as religion, language, history, or political identity that makes them a “people” o Nationalism : an ideology that assumes all nations should have their own state in their own territory
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Unformatted text preview: (homeland) o Sovereign State : independent political units with territorial boundaries that are internationally recognized by other states o Sovereignty : the legal right to physical coercion within a territory o Boundary : something that fixes a limit or extent o Border : line-on-the-ground political barrier o Sovereign State System Modern Emerges after thirty years war in 1648 Peace of Westphalia Links Sovereignty to Territoriality Self determination States equal entities Non-intervention in internal affairs Relies on external recognition o Globalization and Sovereign States Military Intervention Turkey in Northern Iraq o Turkey is sending military into Northern Iraq Colombia in Ecuador Humanitarian Intervention Genocide Failed States Afghanistan and Somalia...
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