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Lecture 17 (3-25-08) - o Evil barbaric irrational o “They...

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25 March 2008 Political Geography V Cold War Geopolitics o Containment : Mutually assured destruction Nuclear arms race Umbrella of core countries Domino Theory Soviet union as a disease If one country falls then it threatens the stability of neighboring countries Internal politics no considered Countries far from rimland fall (Nicaragua, Angola) Post 9/11 Geopolitics (Global War on Terror) o Formal : clash of civilizations supporting Anti-clash; US as rogue superpower contesting The Other : A GLOBAL THREAT TO ‘OUR’ WAY OF LIFE, TO ‘CIVILIZATIONS’ A small group of terrorists The Cause : A clash of civilizations A response to US political, economic, military power in Middle East World The Response: US as a force for Good confronting Evil bringing liberty, freedom and democracy o Practical : from rogue states to axis of evil Global war on terror Regional focus on Middle East/Islamic World Return of Cold war geopolitical images, rhetoric The Bush Doctrine The Other:
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Unformatted text preview: o Evil, barbaric, irrational o “They hate us for our freedom” • Territorializing the threat: o Terrorists and states that harbor them • Two Facets: o Pre-emptive military actions there o Increased border security • Us Military superiority • Unilateral action: Us National security as first… • Axis of Evil : Iraq, Iran, North Korea • Going to War with Iraq : o Supporter of terrorism o Popular : supporting and contesting representations Contesting Popular Geopolitics: John Stewart Fox news supporting the war • Significance of New Approaches o To get at the power behind the image o Shift of attention to those engaged in making geopolitics o Recognition of the overlap between formal, practical, and popular sources o To question oversimplification, especially at critical moments when simple images resonate more powerfully and when dissent is most constrained o Better informed foreign policy; greater security...
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Lecture 17 (3-25-08) - o Evil barbaric irrational o “They...

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