The Control of Water (11-28-07)

The Control of Water (11-28-07) - o Modern coastline is...

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28 November 2007 The Control of Water Human Impacts to the Soil Transformations and Additions Biwa Japan o Chemical Changes with Paddy Cultivation Long term saturation of soil Rice fields are flooded during growing season which reduces oxygen This causes the iron content to really fluctuate throughout the soil Huang He River, China o There is a flat area (gully) that gets cultivated in between mountains with Flood Water Irrigation o Texture changes with flood water irrigation Changes in texture changes the way the water goes through the soil Changes the type of vegetation that grows Goes from plants that can tolerate unfertile ground to plants that can only tolerate highly fertile soil o This sets up sequences of change that happen over and over again o This type of irrigation causes land erosion and makes the land less fertile over time. Ephesus, Turkey
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Unformatted text preview: o Modern coastline is residing due to the amount of erosion that’s induced by agriculture • Troy, Turkey o Has lost a lot of land because of erosion due to agriculture up river • Erosion is cause by rain falling on the empty agriculture land and this causes erosion of the land into the river which washes away the land into the delta that the river feeds into • Patzcuaro, Mexico o There wasn’t enough people to take care of the agriculture system which caused a lot of erosion to the land • The Dust Bowl o Plants were planted that weren’t suitable for that area then a drought happened o 3 months without rain, and it was very hot and very dry o High winds started to come in and caused the top soil to become airborn o This top soil changed the sunsets in the sky in New York city, so there was a big impact...
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The Control of Water (11-28-07) - o Modern coastline is...

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