ENGL 133H Ryming Couplets

ENGL 133H Ryming Couplets - Because as soon as one guy...

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ENGL 133H Rhyming Couplets: High School Lunch Hour Guards searching for escapees roam the lot, One rides a cart while one collects the caught. Underclassmen able to give the slip Climb in a senior’s car with a slight skip. The not so brave linger outside the school Talking loudly in order to act cool. Lunch time is always a divided sight, With separate cliques at their own special sites. The cheerleaders are found around the jocks, They hover so close they appear to stalk
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Unformatted text preview: Because as soon as one guy leaves for class A girl will tag along as he goes past. Some students always practice their music But their sound simply drives away the public. The track is packed with people running hard, The entrance to is a backpack junkyard. Some toss a ball around the crowded door, While others choose to visit the school store. And when the lunch bell rings chaos arises But students flee and soon there are no noises....
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