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Liberal Studies Curriculum and Assessment Resource Package Interpreting the Curriculum and Understanding the Assessment Jointly prepared by the Education Bureau, HKSARG and the Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority June 2013
Contents Preamble 1 Chapter 1 School-based Implementation of the C&A Guide 3 Chapter 2 Learning and Teaching Focuses of the Areas of Study 15 Section 1 The Area of Study on “Self and Personal Development” Section 2 The Area of Study on “Society and Culture” A. Module of “Hong Kong Today” B. Module of “Modern China” C. Module of “Globalization” Section 3 The Area of Study on “Science, Technology and the Environment” A. Module of “Public Health” B. Module of “Energy Technology and the Environment” Chapter 3 Learning Outcomes and Public Assessment of Liberal Studies 112 Section 1 Overall Student Performance and Recommendations for Improvement in 2013 Liberal Studies Practice Papers Section 2 Relationship between the curriculum and the public examination: The principles and design of the public examination - illustrated by the 2013 Practice Papers Appendix 125 Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education Examination 2013 Liberal Studies Practice Papers