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ENGL 133H Blank Verse: Christmas Dinner It flickers in and out of consciousness, The memory is triggered every time I see the picture of my grandpa sitting In his tattered chair waiting for Christmas Dinner to begin. The turkey displayed Up on the table while my family scurries To put the final touches on the feast. First comes the mashed potatoes, too much garlic Then the corn bread that stayed in the oven too long Mom’s pies, only slightly undercooked this year. My younger sister hops around the house While I sit silently in the corner Amusing myself with my new fire truck. But wait. Why am I sitting there? I mean, How can I remember seeing myself? This can not be right. Shouldn’t I recall Everything from out of my own eyes?
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Unformatted text preview: This is my memory. But wait. Our table Is in the next room, around the corner And surely out of view of where I sit. Then is this true, or did my mind create This memory only after I discovered The photo in a dusty family album? How can I tell between whats real and whats A figure of my imagination? I can remember that table, I swear, I can see myself sitting there in my spot Focusing on nothing but that fire truck. So then it must be fake because that boy In the corner isnt looking around At his family. He is just playing. So do I really remember that dinner At all or did I just hear about it? How can I tell when it is all so clear?...
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