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ENGL 133H Free Verse

ENGL 133H Free Verse - We dress and music blasts but still...

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ENGL 133H Free Verse: Friday Night Lights Locker Room Click clack click clack click clack The sound of metal spikes drowns out all nervous whispers The march to the battle field has begun, After four long hours in the locker room Unseen by fans, this time decides the game. A period dedicated to concentration Forced to be focused on the ultimate goal, Winning the mental war over the enemy. The calm before the storm. First we eat, complete silence suffocates the room
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Unformatted text preview: We dress and music blasts, but still none speak. Dark settles over us, and the waiting begins Pro right, X cross, 935 Texas Plays sift through my mind I lay still, but my body flinches As my mind sends me through the game motions. At last a deep grunt signals us to jump in line, Finally the time has come. Lined up along the sideline, fans to our back We stare at our enemy. Prepared to fight....
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