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Caitlin Shoe 711904482 Honor Pledge Lindsey West Each human being possesses his or her own understanding of the ‘self,’ formed by one’s own experiences or instilled values. None of these ideas can be determined as wrong or incorrect; in fact, they vary tremendously and are interpreted differently from person to person. Looking at a significant resource in Chinese culture against Western culture, past and present, it is necessary to consider what ideas these differing cultures propose pertaining to the self, primarily by their concepts of mind and body differentiation. When one consults the I Ching, a classic Chinese text that gives prophecies made up of hexagrams, he or she does so in hopes to find answers to his or her problems. This method of discovery finds solution in a source that is removed from one’s mind or body. It does not rely on the self; instead, it looks outward and depends on a tangible resource to assist in decision making. When using the I Ching, it is recommended that one withdraws temporarily from all intellectual processes. This philosophy implies that
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