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dramatestreview - nightmares/dreams-cross blocking(“make...

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-father of modern drama: henrick gibson? dickson? henry??? -7 questions on ‘changing stages’ --(death of a salesman-arthur miller): 9 questions - terminology: 11 questions -the actor: 5 questions -realism: 6 questions -a dolls house:5 -director/stage mgr: 9 -designers? 2 -miscellaneous: 4 -stage mgr is in charge of a prompt book (lighting, blocking, stage business, sound cues, etc) -during the realist period, the stage was -theatre of the absurd: martin esson? samuel b, gean something; unrecognizable thoughts, incoherent dialogue, repetition, looks at world existentially, resembles
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Unformatted text preview: nightmares/dreams, -cross: blocking (“make a stage left cross”)-anti realism: six characters in search of an author; reality isnt what we think it is; tests our suspending of disbelief; real characters coming on stage?-death of a salesman? family, american dream, getting older, progress, brothers, generation gap-the method: constantine stan. ... deals with the actor acting; internal-a dolls house: oppression-line through/speed through/ stumble through...
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