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PSYCH Study Guide Test 1 - Psychology Study Guide Chapter 1...

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Psychology Study Guide Chapter 1 What is psychology? The science & systematic study of behavior and mental processes. Includes Includes the art of using skills based on accumulated knowledge & wisdom to help people who are having problems Seven Key Themes in Psychology Themes That Apply to Psych as a Field of Study Psychology is empirical: knowledge should be acquired through observation Psychology is Theoretically Diverse: Psychologists seek to explain and understand what they observe by constructing theories – a system of interrelated ideas to explain a set of observations. Psychology Evolves in a Sociohistorical Context: trends, issues, and values in society influence psychology’s evolution. Themes Related to Psych’s subject Matter Behavior is Determined by Multiple Causes Behavior is Shaped by Cultural Heritage Heredity and Environment Jointly Influence Behavior People’s Experience of the World is Highly Subjective Areas of Applied Psychology Clinical : concerned w/ evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of individuals w/ Counseling : Interviews, tests, & provides therapy. Usually work w/ ppl on everyday probs, and more than one person. Educational : Work to improve curriculum, achievement, teacher training, & other aspects of education process. : perform wide variety of tasks in world of business & industry. Areas of Research Psychology Developmental : Looks at human development across the life span. Social : Focuses on interpersonal behavior and role of social forces in governing behavior Experimenta l: Encompasses traditional core of psych. (all fields experiment) o Physiological Cognitive : Focuses on “higher” mental processes – memory, reasoning, info processing, language, prob solving … Personality Psychometrics : Concerned w/ the measurement of behavior and capacities thru tests.
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Psychiatry: field that specializes in diagnosis and treatment of psychological disorders Psychoanalysis: Insight therapy that emphasizes the recovery of unconscious conflicts, motives and defenses. Freudian theory. Sigmund Freud : Thought psychoanalysis, focusing on the unconscious to explain personality and disorders, was the right way. o
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PSYCH Study Guide Test 1 - Psychology Study Guide Chapter 1...

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