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ExM3F05 kenealy - Animal Science 114 Exam 3 F2005 Dr...

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Animal Science 114 Exam 3, F2005 Dr. Kenealy There are 50 questions on this exam. You may keep the exam; an answer sheet will be available as you leave the room. Use a #2 pencil; do not use a "mechanical pencil". True-False . (Answer 1 for true, 2 for false) 1. Beef cattle are native to North America. 2. Newly hatched chicks must be fed a colostrum-like substance within 1 hour after hatching. 3. The majority of cattle produced in Iowa and Illinois are Bos taurus . 4. Typical weaning age for beef calves in the mid-west is around 7 months of age. 5. Most sheep breeds in the US would be termed monoestrous in their breeding behavior. 6. Broiler chickens in the US are typically purbreds from the New Hampshire and Rhode Island Red breeds. 7. Limit feeding of sows or layer hens is accomplished by reducing the protein and calcium content of the feed to reduce appetite. 8. Beef heifers may commonly end up as slaughter cattle. 9. Dairy cattle are considered to be truly polyestrous in their reproductive behavior. 10. Poultry production is considered to be more integrated than beef or dairy production. 11. If a lamb carcass shows the “spool” (or actual joint ends) when the grader reviews the carcass to give the final grade, it should be graded as mutton . 12. A typical layer chicken in first cycle would produce 240 or more eggs. 13. Grafting is a common term, as discussed in class, involved in sheep management. 14. As decribed in class, an “exotic breed” of beef cattle would likely have been introduced in the late 1870’s to the western ranching environment. 15. Needle teeth clipping is common in piglets, but not in foals.
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ExM3F05 kenealy - Animal Science 114 Exam 3 F2005 Dr...

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