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W10 Poultry Homework F06

W10 Poultry Homework F06 - These are the breeds we will...

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A N S 101 W10 HW : P OULTRY H OMEWORK : I. B REEDS OF P OULTRY Commercially, many “composite” lines of poultry have been developed from a few breeds known for their abilities to grow and/or lay  eggs.    Some breeds are not commercially important, but have notoriety as farm flock birds or as show birds.  Use any available resources  - perhaps the web site provided by Oklahoma State University,  http://www.ansi.okstate.edu/poultyr/   to study the breeds of poultry  introduced in lecture.    Use the following table format to record your descriptions, filling in one table for each breed of poultry that was  introduced.   Fill in the cells of each table per breed by noting this breed’s color of plumage, egg color, production type  (either layer, broiler, dual-purpose, or ornamental),  comb type, country of origin and other unique characteristic that should be noted. 
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Unformatted text preview: These are the breeds we will cover on the next exam. Please study the following breeds: American Breeds White Plymouth Rock Wyandotte Rhode Island Red New Hampshire Asiatic Breeds Brahma Cochin English Breeds Cornish Orpington Mediterranean Breed Leghorn Also: Araucana Colors? Egg color? Mostly for eggs, meat, both or ornamental Comb Type Origin? Other? I. P ARTS OF P OULTRY Just to remind you, you will need to know the parts of the hen. Remember the official sheet posted earlier for your use. Label the diagram with the following list (you can label with numbers only). 1. breast 2. wattles 3. beak 4. comb 5. cape 6. blade 7. ear 8. points 9. spur 10. claw 11. shank 12. hock 13. thigh 14. back 15. primaries 16. saddle 17. sickles 18. hackle 19. saddle feathers 20. vent 21. wing bow...
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