Powerpoint Chapter 4

Powerpoint Chapter 4 - Cerebral cortex is the main brain...

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Cerebral cortex is the main brain Cerebellum is “back brain”/little brain in back The Brainstem is made of the Midbrain, the Pons, and the Medulla , which is then followed by the Spinal Cord (Figure 4.4) Spinal Cord o Capable of autonomous function o Grey Matter o White Matter o Spinal Reflexes Example: The Stretch Reflex Brainstem o Houses the basic programs of survival o A complement of survival reflexes (gagging, breathing, swallowing, etc) o Uses spinal reflexes to produce useful behavior o The reticular formation and sleep o “inner core” of brain; regulates life-support o Rests atop and connects to spinal cord o Contains medulla (vital involuntary functions), pons , reticular formation (sleep, arousal, attention) o Attaches to Cerebellum (balance/movement) Cerebellum o Essential for movement Subcortical structures o Control basic drives and emotions Cerebral cortex o Underlies complex mental activity Limbic System o Separate the “older” (brainstem and cerebellum) from the “newer” (cerebral cortex) parts of the brain o Critical to Motivation, Emotion, Memory o Consists of Hypothalamus, Thalamus , Hippocampus, Amygdala, and Basal Ganglia Thalamus Sensory Relay Station (gateway to cortex) Amygdala Aggression Center (emotion) Hippocampus Memory formation Hypothalamus
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Powerpoint Chapter 4 - Cerebral cortex is the main brain...

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