W13 Horse ID Homework S06

W13 Horse ID Homework S06 - ANS 101: W14 HOMEWORK ON HORSES...

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A N S 101: W14 H OMEWORK ON H ORSES Directions: Due Tuesday by 5 as usual Paged 1-3 are the part that you complete and hand in. It is recommended that you type into the boxes or print and neatly hand write your answers on this formatted sheet. Pages 4-27 are for reference in completing the homework. You should NOT hand in these pages, but download them, print them or reference them for study. If you have computer problems with this homework, note that there will be sets available for use in 122 Kildee or check with 119 Kildee. I. Breed ID There are 12 breeds of horses depicted. This sheet includes both descriptions and photos of these breeds, and the numbers between description and photos correspond. Identify the breed. You might find help by going to the OSU breeds web site at http://www.ansi.okstate.edu/breeds/ . Breed Name Photo/Description # American Quarter Horse 9 Arabian 2 Belgian 3 Pony of the Americas (POA) 5 Paint Horse 11 Clydesdale 7 Shetland Pony 10 Appaloosa 1 Percheron 4 Thoroughbred 12 Welch Pony 6 Standardbred 8 II. Markings ID Describe the horse in the “Markings Photo” by referring to its color and markings. To assist you in the correct terminology, an associated set of photos is included for you to reference. III. There are 8 photos of horses with different colors included in this homework. Identify the color of the horse in this photo by referencing the description of horse colors also included with this set of materials. C1 bay C7 red roan C2 black C8 buckskin C3 chestnut C9 dun C4 sorrel C10 paint C5 dappled grey C11 white C6 palamino C12 appaloosa IV. Identify the parts labeled on the horse in the photo labeled “Parts ID”. A MUZZLE G C HEST B N ECK H ARM C H EART G IRTH I P ASTERN D W ITHERS J S TIFLE E L OIN OR COUPLING K G ASKIN F C ROUP L H OCK 1 This horse is sorrel in color and has a left hind pastern white mark and a right hind half sock. On the face there is a star and a strip/ snip of white. Lab ID: 228 Name: Jessica Schnellbacher
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For this part of your homework, you will find the following web site very helpful and very interesting. http://www.extension.org/horses Disease and Health There are a number of diseases about which horse owners are concerned. To select a few more common concerns define the following diseases by indicating its Name causative agent symptoms treatment/prevention Ascarids Worms parasites Pot bellied, losing nutrition Frequent deworming Splint Inflammation of splint bone Lameness, heat Rest, anti- inflammatory drugs Splint boots Strangles bacteria Conjunctivitis, lumps near throat area, fever Antibiotics, time Vacc. Coggins’ Disease Infected horseflies biting healthy horse High fever Labored breathing Exhaustion anemia No cure, always test positive, intravenous fluids, vector control West Nile Virus Mosquito carriers Off feed, act strange No direct cure, afftects nervous syst. Vacc.
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W13 Horse ID Homework S06 - ANS 101: W14 HOMEWORK ON HORSES...

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