geneticslec - Equine Selection Livestock are selected for...

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Equine Selection Livestock are selected for Genetics proven to increase Size Length Weight Efficiency Maximum Production Bottom Dollar Equine Selection A horse breeder selects horses based on? Conformation Disposition Athletic Ability Performance Intelligence Color Reproduction? Soundness? ALL – Subjective and difficult to measure!! Measure, how? Introduction Phenotype : characteristics of an animal that can be seen or measured Genotype + Environment Genotype : actual alleles present in DNA, regardless of whether they produce detectable characteristic in animal Heritability Estimate Definition Percentage of a horse's expressed trait (phenotype) that is due to genetics Due to genetics indicates the probability of trait being passed on from one generation to the next Specifically, ability to select horses to mate based on superior performance for the trait and to predict the improvement in the offspring Heritability Estimate GENETIC RELATIONSHIP TO OFFSPRING Selection process Greater progress when keeping # of selected traits to a minimum Low heritabilty est. traits: increase success by controlling environment and management regimes BREEDING SYSTEMS Grading Up
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Crossbreeding Outcrossing Inbreeding Breeding Systems Crossbreeding - breeding different breeds together major heterosis - variable results breed registry book: closed - AHR and Half-Arabian open - ApHC and APHA to QH AQHA, ApHC, APHA to TB Breeding Systems Outbreeding - mating crosses of horses less related than the average within a breed variability large heterozygosity increases increases genetic “pool” Outbreeding Breeding Systems Inbreeding -
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geneticslec - Equine Selection Livestock are selected for...

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