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Linear Algebra with Applications (3rd Edition)

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ma253 ,Spr ing 2007 –Midterm 1 This test has two parts. The frst part is Focused on concepts. It consists oF ten true-False questions very much like the review problems in our textbook. This part is worth up to 40 points. The second part consists oF three problems, worth 20 points each, and a bonus problem worth up to 15 points. This part is worth up to 60 points without the bonus problem, and up to 75 points iF we include the bonus problem. The test will be graded out oF 100 points. The bonus problem is tricky, so don’t spend time on the bonus problem until you’re satisfed with your work on the other problems. As you work on the test, you may use your calculator, and you may also use one 8.5 × 11 sheet oF notes. (But consulting notes takes time — watch the clock!) Remember to write up your answers, that is, to explain your reasoning and your computations in good prose. Correct answers without correct explanations will not get Full credit.
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This homework help was uploaded on 01/23/2008 for the course MATH 253 taught by Professor Ghitza during the Spring '07 term at Colby.

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253 midterm 1 prep - ma253 Spring 2007 Midterm 1 This test...

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