outline - 1 No reason to fear death a Socrates looks to...

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1) No reason to fear death a) Socrates looks to death with confidence even though we do not know what it is i) To be afraid of something that we don’t actually know about is to assume we actually know something about it ii) To think you know what you do not is unwise iii) If people look to death as it being evil, they think they know evil when in fact they know nothing of it (1) Unwise as they are scared of something they do not know b) Socrates believes a good man cannot be harmed, neither in life nor in death, so no reason to fear. c) Nothing should stop a man from fighting for what is right and for what they believe in i) Socrates would rather die a thousand deaths than terminate his philosophical life ii) To stand up for what is just and right is more important than fearing the outcome, whether it be death or not d) Socrates looks forward to death i) An endless, peaceful sleep (1) A dreamless sleep for eternity would be the most restful experience ever ii) Transmigration of the soul to another place (1) Where you meet those who died before you, great people and demi-gods (2) He would be free to examine the lives of those who died before him without
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outline - 1 No reason to fear death a Socrates looks to...

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