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11- Animal Circulation (Chapter 42)

11- Animal Circulation (Chapter 42) - Animal Circulation...

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Circulation 1 BIOL 112 Animal Circulation Chapter 42 BIOL 112 BIOL 112 Circulation and Circulatory Systems Major function: transport of materials throughout body Direct interaction with most other organ systems “Services:” z Gas Exchange Transports gasses exchanged for respiration: CO 2 ; O 2 z Nutrients Materials picked up by digestive system are distributed throughout body z Wastes Products to be removed by excretory system z Hormones Communication and control throughout body z Body Defenses Inflammatory/Immune Systems BIOL 112 Types of Circulatory Systems Primitive z No circulation: protozoa, cnidarians, flatworms z Simple circulation: nematodes use pseudocoelom Advanced — full organ system to perform z Open Circulation — arthropods, molluscs. Blood is not completely enclosed in vessels throughout circuit to/from heart. Blood empties into sacs called sinuses which surround many major organs z Closed Circulation &mdas