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Notes for Soc 4 - crafty and devious 31 OF Asian American...

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Notes for Soc 134 February 5, 2008 Lecture 4 Theories of Prejudice Theories o Psychological o Social Measuring Prejudice Racial Profiling Reducing Prejudice Theories Psychologically- based theories-focus on personality features of individuals Authoritarian personality Low self-esteem Sociologically- based theories-focus on the social context of prejudice Economic competition Societal norms (which are taught) Measuring Prejudice Social distance scale- asks people how willing they would be to interact with different groups in specified social situations Willing to admit To close kinship by marriage 1.00 To my club as personal 2.00 To my street as neighbors 3.00 To employment in my occupation 4.00 Not just Whites Minorities can also be prejudiced against whites or other minorities 46% of Hispanics and 42% of blacks agreed that Asian are unscrupulous,
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Unformatted text preview: crafty and devious 31% OF Asian American and 26% of Hispanics believe that blacks “want to live on welfare” 68% of Asians and 495 of blacks believed that Hispanics tend to have bigger families than they can support Labeling Stereotype-unreliable generalization about all members of a group Self-fulfilling prophecy- When false definitions become accurate a response to negative Stereotypes When Prejudice leads to action: Racial Profiling Racial Profiling-(usually police-initiated) action that disproportionately affects minorities (Can be based on race, ethnicity) DWB (Driving while Black)- Although African American accounted for only 17% of the motorists on the New Jerseys turnpike, 80% of the motorists pulled over were black...
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Notes for Soc 4 - crafty and devious 31 OF Asian American...

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