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Antique Roadshow Project - U S History 1301 Professor Peter...

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U. S. History 1301 Professor Peter Hacker Antique Roadshow Project Purpose If you’ve ever caught an episode of the TV show “Antique Roadshow,” or any other antique appraisal show for that matter, you’ll understand the concept of this project. On the show people bring an antique to the experts to be appraised. The experts tell them a little about the history of the piece, who made it, what it was used for, how it was used, and so on. On this project you will become the expert. You will visit an antique artifact in person, photograph it, and then analyze it in depth. Success will require scholarly research, effective writing, and thoughtful perspection. General Guidelines First , choose an antique that you either visit or own. It must meet all of the following criteria: American artifact made in the US (no foreign-made products) Manufactured anytime before 1900 You must come into close physical contact with it. You don’t necessarily have to touch it (if it is a museum piece that would be a big No-No) but you do have to be in the same room with it. No internet image, book photo, or media representation. Photograph the artifact (if in a museum get permission first by signing a form at the welcome desk) and submit your photo as part of the grade. It does not have to be a good photo, it’s simply evidence that you were there to take it. Digital camera images are fine as long as you took the photo. Your artifact can be anything American-made such as a: Tool Furniture Artwork Clothing Printed material (newspaper, flyer, pamphlet, book, etc . . .) Weapon Machine Game Coin, Stamp Utensil Native American artifact
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Antique Roadshow Project - U S History 1301 Professor Peter...

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