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Study Tips for the Exams

Study Tips for the Exams - Study Tips for the Exams...

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1 Study Tips for the Exams Performing well on any history exam requires both original thought and memorization of important facts. The following tips, if followed, have withstood the test of time and resulted in good grades for thousands of students. Objective Multiple Choice Questions: Most of these questions are written by the publisher of your textbook and are things you should know if you have studied the text carefully. There are also some questions that come strictly from lecture. The best thing to do here is to be sure that you can identify the study terms provided in the Weblinks section of PageOut. Students should also highlight terms in their notes and be able to identify all terms written on the board in class. If a professor writes it on the board, it should be in your notes as well. Finally, do the practice quizzes found in the textbook website at: www.mhhe.com/unfinishednation5 Extra tip: If study time is limited focus on the issues that were covered BOTH in the text and in lecture. That will help you get most of the questions, but not all.
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