Study Terms 2 - John Marshall King George III Battle of...

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History 1301 Study Terms Exam II Franco-American Alliance Marbury v. Madison Treaty of Paris 1783 Judicial Review John Jay Stamp Act Congress Sugar Act Midnight Appointments 12th Amendment Louisiana Purchase Stamp Act Toussaint L’Ouverture Articles of Confederation Loyalists (Tories) Burr Conspiracy Battle of Lexington/Concord Election 1800 Land Ordinance 1785 Bill of Rights Northwest Ordinance 1787 Admin. of Justice Act Shay’s Rebellion Gen. Johnny Burgoyne Alexander Hamilton Thomas Jefferson James Madison Gen. Edward Packenham Constitutional Convention Alien Act Virginia Plan (Large State) Sedition Act New Jersey Plan (Small State) Naturalization Act 3/5s Compromise Andrew Jackson Chesapeake/Leopard Affair Kentucky/Virginia Resolutions Boston Port Act Henry Clay Jefferson’s Embargo
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Unformatted text preview: John Marshall King George III Battle of Saratoga Tecumseh Jay’s Treaty Tenskwatawa Ben Franklin National Bank (Bank of US) Wm Henry Harrison Prophetstown 2nd Continental Congress Battle of Tippecanoe War Hawks Aaron Burr Impressment Federal System Federalist Papers John Locke Actual Representation Virtual Representation Proclamation of 1763 Quartering Acts Sons of Liberty Declaratory Act Townshend Acts Boston Tea Party Coercive Acts Intolerable Acts AntiFederalists Mass. Govt Act 1st Continental Cong. Checks & Balances Republicans Loose/Strict Interp of Const Whiskey Rebellion Treaty of Ghent Hessians XYZ Affair Benedict Arnold Common Sense Quasi War Battle of New Orleans Thomas Paine...
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Study Terms 2 - John Marshall King George III Battle of...

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